Sunday, October 12, 2008

Push It. Real good.

Salt & Pepper ...

Simplicity is elegance in the world of excellent foods.

The Wrapped Scallion promotes the use of the very best ingredients to invigorate and finish everyday meals at home.

It doesn't cost much to add a gourmet flair to every dish. It's such a passion for me that soon you will have access to TWS favorite spices and herbs through my online store!

Fantastic flavors and textures are easy to experiment with by using fine herbs and spices. Toss a few threads of saffron into your rice while it cooks on the stovetop, and your average meal becomes an exotic journey of sensory stimulation.

Or, add a bay leaf and some onion powder to the rice instead; the simulated rice pilaf couldn't be simpler yet it will impress you and your diners immensely.

But let's get tricky by getting back to basics. Talking about salt and pepper.

Yin & Yang, the Flowerpot Man ...

Salt and pepper are staples in every kitchen, and with good reason. Without adding herbs or spices, your rice dish will definitely taste much better with a dash of salt and a good sprinkle of pepper than it will served plain.

S&P provides the foundation for meat rubs, seasonings, and anything edible which needs a savory kick.

Now ... expand your ideas of table salt and pepper. Crush some fine Tellicherry black peppercorns and exotic Red Hawaiian salt over the top of that plain rice dish. The color display, and the aroma of freshly crushed spices are lovely. The unique flavor of these variants are exciting and not to be missed.

Beyond Thunderdome ...

This holiday season, be a culinary hero! Try using some unusual spices and herbs in your favorite dishes. Try out some new salts and peppercorns. Those old standby meals will take on new life. Contact me for ideas and help on putting them into play.

Not cooking? Bring the host a gift package of exotic salts and fine peppers. Get them from The Wrapped Scallion ... check back November 1 for more details.

Gourmet food can be easy and affordable. Remember ... "life is the variety of spice!"

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