Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TWS will be Serv 'd

Serv-Safe, Food Protection Manager Certification, National Restaurant Association.

This October, The Wrapped Scallion gets officially schooled.

As part of a highly valuable and fun class at MSCD, Food Preparation and Sanitation, the above-mentioned certification testing comprises the mid-term examination. If we don't pass, we fail the class. No pressure.

Great information about prevention of food-borne illnesses, proper facilities management, pest control, food preparation & care, recipe conversion, plus much more is covered in preparation for the exam.

Chef Owens is a magical and magnetic presence in both the classroom and kitchen. She is well-trained, experienced, well-spoken, and attentive to all her students. She is a kick and it's an honor to work with her.

As an exploratory endeavor, TWS signed up for classes this semester in the MSCD department Hospitality, Tourism and Events. This semester has confirmed the joy of working with food, and has revealed many possibilities for putting this education into practice. So TWS is now pursuing a minor in Restaurant Management.

Look for more on professional developments soon! Thanks to all loved ones for your support.


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