Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cheese us!

9/22/08 - FSI (Food Selection & Identification, MSCD)

Guest speakers: Mike Przestrzelski; Val Landrum - United Sales & Services, LLC, specialty food brokers. 720-898-8181

Chef Lamb delivers the goods, again.

Denver's largest deli broker came down on our class with a spread of cheeses to make any dairyphile melt onto a toast round. Cheese. Cheese. More cheese. School is awesome.

We sampled the finest, and sometimes a couple of the finest marks of each natural cheese variety.

Talking about: Sheep's milk chevre so dank; marscapone like buttery whipped cream; boursin smacking of garlic & herb; mozzarella smooth like no oth-ah; creamy feta from Israeli sheep's milk ... not your usual cow / salt cheese from the local store!; Reny Picot 60% butterfat brie (I ate more than 7 slices myself); havarti flavored with horseradish, chive, and mustard seed to kick your tastebuds into submission; unbeatable Jarlsburg swiss; 18 & 30 month-aged parmesans beyond description; chipotle cheddar, aw yeah; and of course bleus: Maytag, Danish, Roquefort.

Rounded out with handmade specialty crackers, fine salami, and an olive selection. High class.

Whew. I may have missed listing a fontina or two here, but I sure ate 'em! Had a plate of the bluest, fuzziest Danish bleu all to myself ... Chef Lamb could see the fire in my eyes when he asked to take it away and kindly let me eat it all. Thanks, Chef!

Mike layed down tons of good info and history. This guy knows his business and is an impressive personality. Val is an accessible and passionate presenter, generous with his product and a really nice guy.

If you missed this class for any reason, go sign up for it next semester. Enroll in MSCD if you must! Contact me if you want more info on this event or these nice people.


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